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  Culling Systems

Accu-Cull Weight Recorder

The Accu-Cull is by far the simplest and most efficient culling system to hit the market.

Accu-Cull Usage:

Simply rotate the Accu-Cull's wheel up or down to match the weight of the fish that you put in your livewell. Pick any scale you want to use, match the numbers in tenths, ounces, hundredths and even kilograms. 9.99 is the highest weight recorded.

Mounting the Accu-Cull:

Find a secure spot in your livewell lid. If your livewell lid has insulation, remove a 4 1/2" x 8 1/4" section to allow room to mount the Accu-Cull's cradle securely to the lid. Take the cradle and apply the 1" VHB tape to four individual spots on the cradle. Peeling off one side of the tape. Apply to the cradle and once set, peel off the backside and apply to the clean and flat dry area of livewell. Allow 24 hours for 100% set up. Where It Sticks - It Stays!

Please measure for fit, your livewell may vary in size.

  • All plastic 100% ABS construction. No parts to rust.
  • No metal parts.
  • Dials lock into place securely and will not shake out of position.
  • No more grease pencil & board.
  • No more second guessing yourself with electric recording systems.
  • Livewell mounting bracket.
  • <Made in the U.S.A.

Item# ACU7.4

Our Price: C$49.99

Accu-Cull Digital Scale

Offering a compact and convenient way to weigh and measure your next big fish, the Accu Cull Digital Scale weighs to 100th of a pound for unprecedented accuracy, and it also features a Hold Function that keeps the weight locked in even after you remove the fish from the scale. A big LCD Screen with Blue Backlight makes it easy to read day or night, and the Accu Cull Digital Scale is also equipped with a built-in 38" Tape Measurer. An Over-sized Weigh Hook helps you weigh even your biggest fish (up to 55-lbs), and when the Weigh Hook is not in use - a magnet conveniently holds it to the back of unit - keeping the sensors safe from unnecessary damage during storage. Get the fastest and most precise weights with the water-resistant Accu Cull Digital Scale.

  • 55lb/25kg Digital Scale
  • Unit Measure in kg / lb / oz
  • Weighs in 100ths of a pound with Hold Function
  • 38" Tape Measurer / 1 Meter
  • Air Temperature Gauge in F / C
  • Big LCD Screen with Blue Blacklight
  • Over-sized Weigh Hook (magnet holds to back when not in use)
  • Auto Shutoff after 50-seconds
  • Requires 2 AAA Batteries (not included)
  • Water Resistant

Our Price: C$49.99


Accu-Cull Mini Grip
Made to work hand-in-hand with the Accu Cull Digital Scale, the Accu Cull Mini Grip provides a convenient way to hold and weigh fish. Built with a pre-molded hole along the handle, the Accu Cull Mini Grip fits over the hook attached to the scale, making it easy to weigh fish once they are securely attached. Easy on fish and effortless for anglers, the Accu Cull Mini Grip is a must-have for taking trophy photos and culling.

Length: 4.5" 


Our Price: C$16.99

Accu-Cull Elite E-Con Culling Tags
Delivering functional, fish-friendly identification, the Accu Cull Elite E-Con Tags Culling System delivers a cutting-edge design that won’t rub or bind on any part of the fish’s jaw, eliminating any possibility of injury. Included with seven floating cull tags, the Accu Cull Elite E-Con Tags Culling System features an innovative, clip-on design that attaches to the fish’s lower jaw without any binding pressure.

In addition, the Accu Cull Elite E-Con Tags Culling System features an intuitive one-handed operation that makes culling quick and easy. Made in a range of bright, easy to identify colors, the Accu Cull Elite E-Con Tags Culling System delivers an effective, conservation-minded design that is easy on both fish and anglers.


  • Seven Locking Floating Cull Tags


Our Price:

Accu-Cull E-Con Culling Tags

The Accu Cull E-Con Tags Culling System is an environmentally friendly and conservation minded system that limits harm to fish. It still holds all day long thanks to the system's plastic clips, but causes less damage. Colored surgical tubing helps you quickly identify your fish, and the tubing even features cork inserts which allow them to float for even easier identification. The new livewell mounting strap allows you attach it anywhere there is a screw your livewell, so you can mount the tags easily right where you need them - in your livewell - with no tangles.


  • Seven Floating Cull Tags
  • Livewell Mounting Strap


Our Price:

Accu-Cull Metal Culling Tags

The Accu Cull Metal Culling Tag Kit features reliable metal tags which firmly secure your fish. Constructed from high quality steel, they won’t fall out or bend out of shape easily. Colored surgical tubing also helps you to quickly identify your fish, and they even feature cork inserts, which allow them to float for even easier identification. The livewell mounting bracket also allows you to mount the tags easily right where you need them - in your livewell - with no tangles.

  • Seven Floating Cull Tags
  • Livewell Mounting Strap


Our Price: C$39.99

Accu-Cull System
The complete ACCU-CULL System

Consisting of all of the above:


  • Accurate to 1/100th of a pound
  • Memory Function: Your fish’s weight is displayed as long as you need it
  • Color coded, matching the weight recorder
  • E-Con or Metal Tagging Clips


Our Price: C$124.99 (A savings of 10%)

Tag type

Accu-Cull Tournament Weigh-In Bag with Removable Mesh Insert
The Accu Cull Tournament Weigh-In Bag makes weighing in and transporting fish as easy as possible - on the angler and the fish.

Featuring an internal, removable mesh bag, you can simply pull the mesh liner out with the fish in it, and set the mesh bag into the dip tank so fresh water can circulate through it easier while waiting in line. A built-in handle design also helps you carry the bag without dragging it on the ground or having to walk awkwardly to the scales.

No more having to dump water out and pour it back in with the Accu Cull Weigh In Bag System. The "weigh master" can even use the mesh bag to weigh fish in so the fish are less stressed from being handled. Less handling, less mess and less time the fish are stressed - all reasons why the Accu Cull Tournament Weigh-In Bag is the bag you should be taking to the scales.

Dimensions: 23" x 23"

Item# ACC-TWB 

Our Price:


The Accu Cull Grip Saver is a fantastically simple way to organize, repair, and increase the life of your rod handles.

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