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AS RC1 - Humminbird Wireless Bluetooth® Remote and Dongle





Wireless Bluetooth® Remote and Dongle

Make your Humminbird unit wireless capable with this easy to install dongle, just plug it into your unit and pair it with your Humminbird Bluetooth® remote for quick, convenient control of your most used functions.

Take wireless control of your Humminbird.  The wireless remote lets you mark waypoints on the fly, zoom in and out, adjust sonar sensitivity and toggle through your favorite custom views.  Each key has a short press and long press function, enabling you to customize the remote's capabilities to reflect your fishing style.  For instance, a long press of the Mark button can be programmed to power your unit off, deploy your 360 imaging transducer or even create an i-Pilot Link Spot-Lock.

Everything's visible and controllable from anywhere on the boat, so you don't have to stop fishing to control your Humminbird.

Our Price: C$155.99
SPECIAL: C$104.99


For Use with

  • Ion 12
  • Onix 8ci CT
  • Onix 8ci SI CT
  • Onix 8ci NT
  • Onix 8ci SI NT
  • Onix 10ci CT
  • Onix 10ci SI CT
  • Onix 10ci NT
  • Onix 10ci SI NT
  • Helix 9 Sonar GPS
  • Helix 9 DI GPS
  • Helix 9 SI GPS
  • Helix 10 Sonar GPS
  • Helix 10 DI GPS
  • Helix 10 SI GPS
  • Helix 12 Chirp GPS
  • Helix 12 Chirp DI GPS
  • Helix 12 Chirp SI GPS
  • 788ci HD
  • 788ci HD DI
  • 788ci HD XD
  • 798ci HD SI
  • 858c
  • 858c DI
  • 858c HD
  • 858c HD DI
  • 859ci HD
  • 859ci HD DI
  • 859ci HD XD
  • 898c SI
  • 898c HD SI
  • 899ci HD SI
  • 958c
  • 958c DI
  • 958c DI
  • 958c HD
  • 958c HD DI
  • 958c HD XD
  • 959ci HD
  • 959ci HD DI
  • 959ci HD XD     
  • 998c SI
  • 998c HD SI     
  • 958c HD XD
  • 959ci HD
  • 959ci HD DI
  • 959ci HD XD     
  • 998c HD SI     
  • 998c SI     
  • 999ci HD SI
  • 1158c
  • 1158c DI
  • 1158c XD
  • 1159ci HD  
  • 1159ci HD DI
  • 1159ci HD XD
  • 1198c SI
  • 1199ci HD SI



Purchase of the AS GPS NMEA cable is required for use with our ONIX Series of products.

Purchase of the AD RC1 adapter cable is required for use with our ION Series of products.

This product supports one Humminbird unit only.

Power Draw:  22mA




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  AS YC         
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