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PRO-TEC Sealant Polish
Protect the surface of your boat, truck, or RV against harsh weather, sun glare, UV-rays, and saltwater with the Pro-Tec Sealant Polish. Easy to apply, the Pro-Tec Sealant Polish seals the surface of your vehicle and simultaneously gives it a lustrous, high-gloss shine. Additionally, the Pro-Tec Sealant Polish delivers long lasting performance that won’t wash away with exposure to water. For heavily oxidized surfaces, use the Pro-Tec Sealant Polish with the Pro-Tec Nu Paint Moisturizer to remove rust and leave your vehicle with a bright, restored finish.  Keep your boat “pro-tec-ted" from the elements with the Pro-Tec Sealant Polish. 

Size: 16 oz.

Item# PT-SP

Our Price: $24.99

PRO-TEC Nu-Paint Moisturizer
Designed specifically for heavily oxidized boats, trucks, and RV’s, the Pro-Tec Nu Paint Moisturizer gently removes oxidation and restores color without damaging the surface of your vehicle. The Pro-Tec Nu Paint Moisturizer contains micro-fine abrasives that remove surface fiberglass, dirt, debris, and the gel coating while simultaneously matching the color of your paint. After the surface has been cleared, just wash and dry, then apply a coat of Pro-Tec Sealant Polish to your boat, truck, or RV for great protection and superior shine. Extend the life of your aging vehicle, remove bothersome oxidation, or spruce up your project with the Pro-Tec Nu Paint Moisturizer.

Size: 16 oz.

Item# PT-NPM

Our Price: $24.99

PRO-TEC Wash and Gloss
Cleans fiberglass and painted surfaces leaving a microscopic film of protection, enhances shine and repels water.

Pro-Tec Wash and Gloss Cleans fiberglass and painted surfaces Leaving a microscopic film of protection Enhances shine and repels water PRO-TEC WASH AND GLOSS can be used in direct sunlight.

Size: 16 oz.

Item# Washandgloss

Our Price: $10.99

PRO-TEC Vinyl Sealant
Long-lasting VINYL SEALANT is like none other with a sun screen agent and new antifriction agent. Restores color and luster to vinyl, leather, plastic and rubber.

Excellent for boats and RV's Restores Color and Luster Protects and seals vinyl, leather, plastic and rubber Dries Completely and Leaves NO OILY Residue

8 oz.

Item# VinylSealant

Our Price: $13.99


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