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Scotty - Kingpin Adjustable Hairtrigger Release


Hairtrigger Adjustable Releases

A fully adjustable tension release clip. With a simple turn of the yellow nut you can increase or decrease the amount of desired release tension. One of the only release clips on the market that works exceptionally well with braided fishing line.


No. 2020

Hairtrigger - 18” heavy duty leader with cannonball snap.

Price: C$12.99

Availability: In-Stock

No. 1032

Hairtrigger - 18” leader with stacking, self-locating cable snap.

Price: C$13.99


No. 1020

Hairtrigger - The original Kingpin Release clip attaches directly to the downrigger cable. Simple and effective!

Great for use with braided fishing line!

Price: C$9.99

Availability: In-Stock

No. 1022

Hairtrigger - 3 extra pins for hairtrigger release No.'s 1020, 1030,1031,1032.

Price: C$4.99

Availability: In-Stock


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Repair parts and service may be obtained by calling 514-990-8144 or by email at your local Scotty Authorized Repair Depot.
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