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SternMate Transducer Mounting System


Gain Control of your Transducer

The only professionally designed transom-transducer management equipment in the world

No Screw holes - No Drilling - No Damage
High speed marine adhesion
Eliminate "old style" transducer installation and sounding consequences


Those screw holes will leak...leaks will ruin your boat and it's value.

Avoid unsightly damaging transducer mounting board rig-a-round and polyboard type transducer installations.

SternMate's unique engineered design will help you to optimize your high speed transducer sounding potential.

It's not all about the damages and leaks created by mounting a transducer, it's also about the compounded aggravation which occurs from a cantankerous transducer once installed.

Eliminate the potential for denied warranty or insurance claims and aggravating inferior mounting problems.

Professionally mount your high speed "Skimmer", LSS-1 Structure Scan or Side Imaging type transducers.

Where you mount your transducer is important...How you mount your transducer makes all the difference, buy yours today !


Product Number Description Price 

Transducer Mounting System

SternMate DUO

Multiple Transducer
Mounting Accessory


SternMate "STEP-LAD'R"





 SternMate Set Back Plate
with screws for an additional set back to
be used with the Sternmate Kit


Mounting Plate with Adhesive


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