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TH Marine - Outboard Jack Plates






ATLAS™ Hydraulic Jack Plate


  • ATLAS™ is truly the best hydraulic jack plate in the world
  • ATLAS™ is factory installed by more boat manufacturers than any other plate
  • ATLAS™ is used by more Professional fisherman than any other hydraulic jack plate
  • ATLAS™ hydraulic actuator is made in the U.S.A., our competition's is from China
  • T-H Marine/CMC pioneered hydraulic jack plates with the actuator inside the plate, the competition just copied us

T-H Marine's ATLAS™ hydraulic jack plate is truly the next generation in jack plate design, built for the heaviest and most powerful V6 engines on the market today, even the big four strokes. Our innovative high tech engineered polymer rod and slot lifting design guarantees trouble free action.  This plate also features the newest concept in one-piece hydraulics from the most respected name in hydraulic design, providing the best of all worlds: Speed and Self contained lifting action.  This all new pump will lift the heaviest outboard from bottom to top in less than 8 seconds.
  • Self Contained Hydraulic Pump System (No Reservoir or lines to install)
  • Hydraulic actuator is made in the U.S.A.
  • Fast! - Bottom to Top in Less than 8 Seconds
  • Rod and Slot Lifting Design - Trouble Free Lifting Action
  • Hi-Tech Engineered Polymer Rods - 6 Times More Abrasion  Resistant than Steel
  • Rods Made from Self Lubricating Material, no grease required
  • Easy Two-Pin Pump Removal - Quick Maintenance
  • Installs in Half the Time of Comparable Jack Plates
  • Available in 4, 6, 8 10 and 12 inch Setback Models
  • Can be used for all V6 outboards - 300hp Max
  • All ATLAS™ plates are predrilled for Power-Pole® bracket mounting
  • All Digital LED Position Gauge Kits Available - All Atlas' Predrilled to Accept (Gauge Kit)
  • Stroke Length - 5 Inches
  • Height Adjustment Up to 7 Inches

Price: C$1529.99

Atlas Hydraulic Jack Plate - 4" Setback - Weight 46lbs

Price: C$1599.99

Atlas Hydraulic Jack Plate - 6" Setback - Weight 48lbs

Price: C$1699.99

Atlas Hydraulic Jack Plate - 8" Setback - 61lbs

Price: C$1929.99

Atlas Hydraulic Jack Plate - 10" Setback - Weight 63lbs

Price: C$2029.99

Atlas Hydraulic Jack Plate - 12" Setback - Weight 66lbs



Hot Shot™ Jack Plate Hole Shot Plate


These are but a few of the comments coming from users of T-H Marine's HOT SHOT™ hole shot plates. This simple but revolutionary plate easily attaches to the bottom of our jack plate to provide an amazing 18 to 20 percent better hole shot. Thats 2 to 3 seconds faster out of the hole. Hot Shot™ does this by dramatically reducing water drag on take off as well as serving as a center trim tab. An added advantage is the ability to stay on plane and virtually eliminating porpoising at lower speeds.

Models available for our ATLAS™ hydraulic jack plates.

AHJHSP-4V-DP    Atlas 4" Hydraulic Jack Plate Hole Shot Plate

Price: C$74.99 - Special Order 
AHJHSP-6V-DP    Atlas 6" Hydraulic Jack Plate Hole Shot Plate

Price: C$84.99
AHJHSP-8V-DP    Atlas 8" Hydraulic Jack Plate Hole Shot Plate

Price: C$89.99
AHJHSP-10V-DP    Atlas 10" Hydraulic Jack Plate Hole Shot Plate

Price: C$94.99 

AHJHSP-12V-DP    Atlas 12" Hydraulic Jack Plate Hole Shot Plate

Price: C$99.99   



ATLAS™ Micro Jacker


For Small Outboards - Max Weight 425 lbs / Max Horsepower 115 HP
Great For Shallow Water Boats – Ghee-noes, River Runners, Jon Boats and Skiffs

  •     Get Out of Trouble Fast – Lifts in 8 Seconds
  •     Lightweight – Only 23 Pounds
  •     Fish “Skinny Water” With Confidence
  •     Self Contained Hydraulics
  •     Maximum outboard dry weight:  425 pounds
  •     Maximum outboard horsepower:  115 HP*
  •     Only Four (4) Inch Setback
  •     Clamp-On Motor Adapter Available (optional)
  •     Small Footprint– Only 14-5/8” Wide and 11-1/2” High

Clamp-On Motor Adapter (part # AHJM-CMA-DP) allows you to mount smaller engines with clamp-on brackets to the ATLAS Micro Jacker, since they do not mount with bolts on the standard BIA engine hole pattern.

* Horsepower note: To the best of T-H Marine's knowledge, Honda has the only 115 horsepower outboard that exceeds 425 pound dry weight.  Therefore, the ATLAS Micro cannot be used with Honda's 115 HP outboard.  This is based on publicly available internet specifications on outboard manufacturer websites know to T-H Marine as of 4/9/2014.  Purchaser should assure that their outboard does not exceed either 115 horsepower or 425 pounds, regardless of outboard manufacturer, model, or production date.

AHJM-4-DP    Atlas™ Micro Jacker

Price: C$1124.99  
AHJM-CMA-DP    Clamp-On Engine Adapter
Price: C$139.99

Black Face

ATLAS™ Digital Gauge Kit

Stainless Steel Face
ATLAS Gauge Kit

Digital LED Position Gauge for Atlas™ Hydraulic Jack Plates.
    • All Digital Readout
    • Numbers Indicate a 1/4" Rise
    • Numbered from 0 to 20
    • All Atlas™ Jacks are Pre-Drilled to Fit
    • Black Face & Stainless Steel Face Gauges Available.
FAGK-1-DP     Price: C$349.99   

ATLAS™ Digital Gauge Kit - Fits 4" & 8" Models - Black Face

FAGK-2-DP     Price: C$349.99

ATLAS™ Digital Gauge Kit - Fits 6" - 10" & 12" Models - Black Face

FAGK-1SS-DP     Price: C$349.99

ATLAS™ Digital Gauge Kit - Fits 4" & 8" Models - Stainless Steel Face

FAGK-2SS-DP     Price: C$349.99

ATLAS™ Digital Gauge Kit - Fits 6" - 10" & 12" Models - Stainless Steel Face



TWIST STEP™ Emergency Jack Plate Ladder

TWIST STEP™ Permits Easy and Convenient Re-entry into Boat in Emergencies.

Permanently Attaches to Engine or Jack Plate
Easily Rotates and Drops Into Position When Needed
Non Corrosive All Aluminum Design
Meets ABYC Regs for Reboarding Device
Mounts to Any Engine with Bracket Or Directly to Pre-Drilled Atlas Jack Plates
Non-Slip Material on Both Steps
Snaps Securely into Slot When Not in Use
Models to Fit Port or Starboard Side

Model available for our ATLAS™ hydraulic jack plates.

EBL-1     Price: C$324.99

Re boarding Jack Plate Ladder - Fits All Atlas™ Jack Plates - Port Side Only

EBL-1-DP     Price: C$299.99  

Re boarding Jack Plate Ladder - Fits All Outboards - Port Side

EBL-2-DP     Price: C$324.99

Re boarding Jack Plate Ladder - Fits All Outboards - Starboard Side


Transom Support Plates

Transom Support Plate - Transom Washer - Transom Toughener.

Distributes Outboard Engine Weight to Protect Your Transom
These Transom Support Plates are made of high quality cast aluminum
Distributes the stress of the motor mounting bolts to protect the transom
Simple to install
Fits top bolt pattern of outboard (Lower bolt plate also available)
Generic plate with no lettering is standard
Custom logos and black painting can be produced with minimum quantities

TSP-1-DP    Transom Support Plate

Price: C$26.99

TSP-2-DP    Transom Support Plate / Lower engine mounting bolts

Price: C$21.99

Bolt Kit for Jack Plates

Bolt kit for mounting outboard engine to jack plates or tilt & trim units.

Kit contains:
4 each 1/2"-13 x 3" long bolts - stainless steel
4 each 1/2"-13 lock nuts - brass with nylon insert
8 each 1/2"-flat washers - stainless steel.

BK-1-DP     Bolt Kit - Engine Mount to Jack Plate

Price: C$36.99


Mini-Jacker™ Jack Plate

Mini-Jacker™ Jack Plate / Outboard Motor Bracket.

This cast aluminum offset type jack plate is designed for clamp-on mount outboard motors up to 35 HP. The Mini-Jacker™ allows mounting of long shaft motors to shorter shaft transom boats. The mini-jacker™ stands off transom 4". The engine mounting surface is 11 1/2" wide x 10" high and features a vertical offset of 3". The overall width of transom mounting flanges is 17".
Super for skiffs, aluminum boats, and inflatables.

**MAX HP - 35

MJ-1-DP    MINI-JACKER™ - Small Engine Jack Plate

Price: C$149.99

TH Marine



TH Marine - ATLAS Hydraulic Jack Plate Introduction

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