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Tool Keeper - FISHNTECH


Tool Keeper by Procise Outdoors

No more messing around looking for your pliers or scissors. The Tool Keeper is constructed from high quality aluminum designed to last a lifetime. Stainless steel mounting hardware and decal are included. You may be able to install using epoxy. A light sanding to the adhesion site will help insure a good bond. A 5/32″ drill bit will be needed if you choose not to install with epoxy.

Tool Keeper 3 Hole Black
Item# TK-3-H-BK

Price: C$29.99

  Tool Keeper 5 Hole Black

Item# TK-5-H-BK

Price: C$33.99

Keep your boat organized and your tools ready for action with the PROcise Outdoors Tool Keeper. Made from high-quality machined aluminum, the PROcise Outdoors Tool Keeper is built specifically to hold tools, like pliers and clippers. Complete with mounting hardware, the PROcise Outdoors Tool Keeper is a great way to keep your boat organized while you’re out on the water.


TK-3-H-BK = 4"
TK-5-H-BK = 7-1/2"


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